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Een zetel met pootjes, of toch maar beter zonder?

A couch with legs, or better without?

In itself it seems like a small detail and a simple decision, but a sofa with or without legs has a major impact on your living space. It can ensure that the room has that perfect look and feel or not. The most important question is, which of the two options fits best in your interior? I go over all the important facts you need to know before you buy a seat.

What visual effect does your choice have?

A small space can appear visually larger with a sofa on legs. This, as it were, increases the space and also gives the room an airier atmosphere. Legs are therefore especially beneficial in smaller living rooms, where every extra centimeter of space counts. Additionally, legs can allow light to penetrate better, making the space appear brighter and more inviting. There are many different types that can in turn give a different feel to the room. If you are looking for something inconspicuous and subtle, then it is best to go for thin and low legs. If you are looking for some contrast in the room, we recommend thicker, higher and possibly colorful legs.

For a larger space, it is often more difficult to decide what kind of seat fits best in the interior. Unlike a smaller living space where everything is closer together, a sofa in a large room attracts a lot of attention. This one is in the spotlight and should therefore often be a statement piece. It is best to keep your feet on the ground and opt for a stylish sofa without legs. You should do this because it can provide a feeling of stability and security. A sofa that rests directly on the floor exudes solidity and can create a feeling of "grounding" in the room.

The most important thing is that you choose a seat that not only fits well in your interior, but also fits perfectly with your family in terms of functionality. That's why you should also look at your family's lifestyle.

The functional considerations

Legs can also affect the functional usability of a seat. A sofa on legs is often easier to clean underneath and around, making it a practical choice for people with a busy household. It makes vacuuming easier and keeps the room fresher. On the other hand, a chair without legs can provide more storage space under the sofa. Baskets or boxes containing toys, books or other items can be placed here, keeping the living space neat and organized.

For families with active children or pets, it is important to create stability and order. It is therefore best to choose a seat without legs, where no toys or small items can get lost underneath. Moreover, you also have the advantage that you cannot see any dust and you save yourself time because you do not have to vacuum under the seat.

After hearing all these tips, will you keep your feet on the ground or will you lighten up a bit? In principle, there is no wrong choice, because every home and household is different. Consider which option looks best in your living room and best suits your family's lifestyle.

Good luck with the choice.


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