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Hoe decoreer je een open kast?

How to decorate an open cabinet

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A closet is not only a practical piece of furniture but is often bought as an eye-catcher in the interior. A well-decorated closet can take your interior to the next level. This is also the place where you can go crazy or put personal items.

What decoration is fun to put in an open cabinet?

The ideas for closet decoration are endless. You can put anything you like in a closet, such as vases, plants, photo frames, books, a lamp, flowers, a figurine, a painting ... really EVERYTHING is possible as long as you follow some rules. In this blog I will teach you how to style an open shelf into a stylish ensemble.

5 tips to decorate your open closet regardless of your style:
  1. Keep it airy: Not every shelf needs to be full. This makes for a calm and organized look. The items you place in your closet need space around them to be seen. A closet with too much decoration can quickly start to look cluttered. So you don't have to be afraid of emptiness. We associate empty space with luxury because those who have enough money can afford empty space. So your closet will look more luxurious. When buying your decorations, it's best to start with a minimalist approach. Buy a few items and see how you can complement them.
  2. Sort your decorations into small groups so that not everything is evenly distributed throughout the closet. This will automatically create empty space and tension in your closet. This tip is really a golden one because it makes the whole ensemble much more interesting.
  3. Choose a theme, this will make all the decoration in your closet form a cohesive whole. It is nice to have decorations in different themes. Still, choose one theme at a time to decorate your closet but restyle them several times a year. This way your decor can change with the seasons or themes throughout the year. So try not to mix individual items that don't fit together but create sets by theme. Many people sometimes buy decorations without thinking about the whole. By using this tip, you will always have a better chance that your new item does fit into one of your themes.
  4. Vary in height: This creates a playful effect and balances the overall look.
  5. Use lighting: Lighting always brings depth and dynamism to your open closet. You can also use it to highlight your most beautiful piece.
  6. Work with color and texture: The use of color is often related to the themes. It's always best to add different textures, regardless of the colors and especially if you go for a tonal color palette. This makes the whole look much more interesting and adds depth. For example, combine glass, metal, pottery, and wood.

Are you ready to restyle your open cabinet with these tips? If you follow all these tips when decorating your open cabinet, I guarantee you will have a stylish eye-catcher in your home.
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Good luck! 


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