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Make your interior autumn-proof

Now that autumn has started, it is time to transform your interior into an autumn setting. I'm a huge fan of adapting your interior to the different seasons. With these tips you can make your interior autumn-proof in no time.

1. Provide the right lighting for different atmospheres

Now that the days are getting shorter, lighting is becoming much more important in your interior. The right lighting is essential to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Consider using candles, table lamps and floor lamps to create a soothing, cozy atmosphere. In addition to the comfort that lighting can bring, it is also important to have good lighting to carry out your daily tasks. Make sure there are sufficient light sources that contribute to one of the desired atmospheres or opt for dimmable lighting.

2. Natural elements in your decoration

Autumn is a fantastic season to look for decoration in nature. Branches, pine cones or leaves can be beautiful decorative accents. Place them in a vase or be creative with them.

3. Autumn colors in decoration

Autumn means warm and rich colors. In this blog you will find the autumn colors for 2023. You can integrate autumn colors into your interior through candles, vases, cushions, plaids, etc. If you want to make a bigger effort and give your interior a bigger seasonal transformation, you can consider carpet and curtains.

4. Stimulate all your senses

When you adapt your interior, don't forget to involve all the senses, not only the view is important to create a feeling. Focus on what you see, but also on what you touch, smell, etc. Use soft materials to create a comfortable tactile experience. Fill your space with autumn scents using scented candles and diffusers (ps; have you discovered the wonderful scent of Renès yet?). It is up to you to pamper your sense of taste, prepare a delicious casserole or brew your favorite autumn tea. Nothing beats the smell of freshly baked fall treats.

Autumn is the season of warmth and coziness and your interior can perfectly reflect this. With these simple tips you can make your home autumn-proof and create a space in which you enjoy spending the cold, wet days.

Lots of love,


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