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Cookie Policy


We use cookies on this website to improve your online experience. Cookies ensure that the website works properly and collect statistical data. One of the functions of cookies is to facilitate the registration process. If you do not accept cookies, you will not be able to use this website. By accepting cookies, you agree to our use of cookies as stated in this cookie policy.

Full details about the cookies we use can be found in this cookie policy. The policy also explains how these cookies are used to improve your experience. We wish you a pleasant reading and surfing experience.


Cookies are small files that are stored by your web browser when you use websites. You can prevent cookies from being stored by configuring your browser's privacy settings (see your browser's help function to learn more about controlling cookies). Please remember that this website will not work properly if you completely disable the use of cookies.

Studio Renès and the companies that help us run our business use cookies in different ways, such as:

Authenticate and identify you on our websites so that we can provide you with the services you request. Keeping track of the information you have given us – for example, remembering information you provide when you fill in a form. Remember your preferences or remember where you stopped when using this website.

Measure your use of this website, so that we can improve it and tailor our offering to what you may find interesting. Understand what you might find interesting so we can provide you with more relevant content.


We have divided the cookies into four categories, based on their purposes:


Functional cookies are necessary for a correct and efficient connection to the website and guarantee a safe online environment. Functional cookies collect anonymous data about how the site is used and which pages are important. This is to improve the general ease of use of the website.

ASP.NET_SessionId (Analyz-it CMS): Ensures that the visitor and the web server remain connected while surfing. Expires after 6 hours or when the user closes the browser (session).


Comfort cookies keep track of your personal preferences so that you do not have to enter certain information more than once.

Cookie_alert (Analyz-it CMS): Remembers that the visitor has accepted the cookie notification when starting the website. Once the cookie notification has been accepted, this approval is saved so that the banner is not unnecessarily shown again. Expires after 10 years.


Analytical cookies collect information about the behavior of website visitors and the performance of the website. The results can be used to improve the website and give visitors a better user experience.

_ga (Google Analytics): Registers a unique ID that is used to generate statistical data about how the visitor uses the website. Expires after 2 years.

_gid (Google Analytics): Registers a unique ID that is used to generate statistical data about how the visitor uses the website. Expires after 24 hours.

_gat (Google Analytics): Used by Google Analytics to throttle request rate. Expires after closing the browser (session).


Commercial cookies ensure that advertisements can be personalized and tailored to your interests. This can be done on other sites as well as on your social media. These cookies can be placed by this website and/or third parties.

1P_JAR (, Show customized ads on Google websites based on recent searches and past interactions. Expires after 1 year.


(, Collects data for Google Analytics, in order to compile an anonymous user profile and to measure whether advertisements are effective. Expires after 2 years.

NID (, Registers a unique ID that identifies a returning user's device. The ID is used for targeted advertising. Expires after 6 months.

AID (, Used to link your activity across devices if you previously signed in to your Google Account on another device. Expires after 19 months.

OGPC ( Used by Google/YouTube when embedding a video on a page. Expires after 1 month.

sb ( Gives control over the "Follow us on Facebook" and "Like" buttons, collects language settings, and allows you to share the page. Expires after 3 months.

datr ( Helps Facebook identify suspicious login activity. Expires after 3 months.

wd ( Stores the dimensions of the browser window and is used by Facebook to optimize the display of the page. Expires when closing the browser (session).

fr ( Gives control over the "Follow us on Facebook" and "Like" buttons. Expires after 3 months.

IDE ( Used by Google DoubleClick to record and report the website user's actions after viewing or clicking on one of the advertiser's advertisements for the purpose of measuring the effectiveness of an advertisement and to provide targeted advertisements present to the user. Expires after 1 year. uvc ( Updates the counter for the website's social sharing features. Expires when closing the browser (session).


The owner of the website and responsible for the processing of personal data obtained through the cookies is: Studio Renès.

More detailed information about our company as responsible for the processing of personal data can be found in our privacy policy.


You can enable or disable your cookies for this website via the settings in your browser.

As a visitor and subject of the data stored by these cookies, you also have the right to file a complaint with the supervisory authority ( ).

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