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Een kijkje achter de kunst van Sara Timmermans

A look behind the art of Sara Timmermans

I will take you into Sara Timmermans' studio. In this interview we discover the passion behind Sara's artwork, and how she brings her unique vision of art to life in her studio.

Eline: 'Sara, your artwork immediately appealed to me and when I heard the story behind it, it came together completely. Can you tell me more about the collection you are currently working on?'

Sara: 'I don't know if you have noticed, but there is quite a lot of fluorescent yellow in my works. And I'm not done with that yet actually; it adds something extra to the works of art. The meaning of yellow is optimism and positivity and that appeals to me. I think we could use that extra hard in life. No matter how happy or successful you may be, every life has ups and downs. The peaks and valleys are just part of it. It doesn't have to be all that well, let's enjoy it a lot and add an extra pinch of strength and fun here and there.

Absolutely, everyone can use that optimism.

'In addition to the punch that the yellow adds, I am also working on different layers at the moment. I play with sculpture and volume. Everyone is also inundated with stimuli, so I try to bring some order to that. I'm playing with bringing some structures into that chaos, I find that interesting. As an interior designer, you probably also like to bring order to chaos? Do you like working with art in your interior?

I think that art adds something personal to an interior, and that is why it is interesting to know the story behind a painting. It's not just about what's beautiful and what's not; it is also about the meaning you can attach to it. Whether that is your underlying story or the story that the buyer sees in it. It doesn't have to be the same story as the artist's. That makes an interior very personal or unique.

And that is of course also the ultimate freedom:; What do you see in the painting, what emotion does it trigger in you? Only you decide which work will hang where in your home, creating a unique and inspiring home.

You make all the works yourself, so each piece is unique. How do you keep coming up with new creative ideas?

I play with materials, try out different combinations and see how they react to each other. I like to work with acrylic paint on canvas combined with all kinds of techniques and materials, creating different volumes and seeing how they come together or integrate with each other. The result is always different.

When I look around here I see a varied collection, both large pieces and smaller works that together form one whole.

Yes, I like to play with repetition, combining different elements to create a certain image. And sometimes it just has to be big. A bit of volume, power, a real eye-catcher.

'And do you often use the same techniques or do you vary?'

'I use a little bit of everything, very experimentally but always layer by layer. This process takes weeks or even months. I use spatulas to create volume and sometimes I play with Lego pieces for some extra fun and a wink between the layers.'

'What strikes me about your work in the studio is the depth and volume of the pieces. They are not flat paintings; they have dimension, which adds depth to the space.”

'That's right, that dimension can really strengthen a space. It doesn't all have to be flat. The edges of the paintings are also often painted, which sometimes makes the work more of an object instead of a painting. I like to play with the meaning of a painting versus the meaning of a structure or object.'

'I notice that many people are careful with the choices in their interior. They often keep the large pieces basic because they will last a long time. But if you can hang a striking work in it, it immediately gives the space more punch.'

'What I often see is that people leave a wall empty and say that they want to hang something there someday. But then five years pass and the wall still remains empty.'

'The wait for that one perfect piece can sometimes take a very long time.'

I invite people to experiment more, hang something on the wall and see how it changes the space or play with different works of art. It is so nice to give the space you live in every day some extra punch. As if every time you pass by the work you get an injection of that original emotion or inspiration, wonderful.

'A question I am very curious about: when do you consider a work finished? It will take months, but when will you decide it's done?'

'That is a very clear feeling, suddenly everything is right and everything comes together. There are also works that I never finish; where it just doesn't come together.'

"And what do you do with that?"

'Sometimes I transform them; I cut or tear them apart and incorporate them into another work... But in my opinion it must be right before a painting is finished. Sometimes I re-record such a work years later and at that moment it still needs a number of layers for which the time or my mind was not yet ripe for it."

'I think that's something only the artist can explain, when a work is really finished.'

'That's right, it's a feeling. Sometimes it is difficult to put into words because I am more focused on the visual and therefore perhaps less strong with words. I'm constantly working on it. When I walk into my studio and see a piece I'm working on, ideas come to mind, things I still want to do. And that stays with me even when I go home.”

You take it home; you create the works here, but at home you are actually still an artist. Can you ever turn off the art button or is it a lifestyle?

'Being an artist is inspiring and it gives energy, even when I am not in my studio. I hope that people also feel that energy when they look at my artwork or hang one in their home, that they feel that punch in their home.'

'I certainly feel the energy now that I'm standing here. Thank you Sarah.'

In Sara's studio we find not only art, but a reflection of her deepest emotions and thoughts, captured on canvas. What we remember, her art packs a positive punch!

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