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3 tips for your perfect Christmas table

The festival of the year is just around the corner, so preparations for the Christmas dinner have already started. Although the food is central to the feast, the eye is also important. Here are some tips for setting your Christmas table.


Tip 1: Choose a theme and stick to it


To make your Christmas table a coherent whole, it is important to choose the right colors. When creating the color palette, be sure to take the colors from your interior and the shades from the Christmas tree into account. Choose a color theme or look for inspiration in books or on the internet.

You can decorate your table in the same theme as your Christmas tree decoration, so you create a whole not only on your table but in the entire living space. You can go for a classy theme where you combine tone-on-tone colors, which are different shades of one color. Or you can go for complementary colors . Complementary colors are colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel and complement each other. Finally, you can choose to use an accent color to add contrast and make your Christmas table stand out. Once you have determined your color theme, you can start looking for additional decorations that match the chosen theme


TIP: Check which decoration you already have, it is important to choose based on your chosen theme. If you choose 'random', your table will look chaotic. Then look for new items to replenish.

Christmas table decoration

Tip 2: Go high

Do you have to look between the candles to see your guests across the table? Good news, then you have decorated your Christmas table perfectly in height. Don't be afraid to place long candles and large flower arrangements in the center of the Christmas table. These can help create a focal point and sense of intimacy.

Time for the dishes . If you search for attractively decorated Christmas tables on Pinterest, you will see that there is almost never just a single plate. So keep stacking! But how many plates should you actually stack?

The largest plate goes at the bottom, this is the dinner plate. If a soup course is being served, place the soup plate above the dinner plate. Finally, a third smaller plate is placed on top for salads or entrées. You can choose whether you adhere to these etiquettes or give it your own twist. You can play with coasters, add extra plates or perhaps put a bowl on top of the last plate.


TIP: Be sure to finish your tableware tower with some Christmas twigs, Christmas decorations or folded napkins!

Tip 3: It's in the details

To give your Christmas table that little bit extra. You can work with natural decorations , such as pine branches, holly, red berries or pine cones. You can also play with the lighting , place candles in lanterns, glass jars or even in a vase. You can use light in many different ways to create a festive atmosphere. Also consider hanging string lights along the banister, around doors or windows, or even as a decorative addition to a mantelpiece or bookshelf.

Do you want to go all out for the finishing touch on your Christmas table? Then make it personal by making menus and name cards . Nice to let your guests know what is on the Christmas menu and where they can sit. You can make the name cards and menu cards yourself to make it even more personal.

Give your menus an extra touch by placing one of the following details next to them.

  • Christmas cookie
  • Sprig of green
  • Ingredient that appears in a dish, such as cinnamon, a bay leaf or a sprig of rosemary
  • Candy cane
  • Christmas bell


TIP: Write a personal Christmas wish on the back of the menu.



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3 tips for your perfect Christmas table

The festival of the year is just around the corner, so preparations for the Christmas dinner have already started. A...
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