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Hoe maak je een saai interieur interessanter?

How do you make a boring interior more interesting?

Do you not like reading blogs or do you prefer to watch and listen? Then watch the video of this blog here . Your interior looks 'okay', but you are not completely satisfied. Something seems to be missing but you can't put your finger on it. Do you know this feeling? Then STOP buying random interior items now and read this article first. I'll go over the most important ways you can make your space more interesting.

7 tips to make your boring interior more interesting
  1. Play with texture: The first way to make your interior less boring is to add texture. Texture adds depth to your space. With the rise of the ton-sur-ton trend, the variation in textures for your interior has also increased. In addition to the depth it provides, it is also good for the acoustics, so that is a win-win situation.
  2. Add color: Adding color to your interior can create excitement. This makes the space much less flat. You can choose to paint your walls, but if you don't like that you can also add some colorful decorative items such as a carpet, cushions, vases, etc.
  3. Discover the power of art and decorative objects: Art and decoration can bring a room to life. You don't have to provide much, the power will be lost and it will quickly look messy. Rather, go for a statement piece such as a large vase or a large painting or sculpture to draw attention to a certain point. Candles and books can also brighten up the room.
  4. Use mirrors : Mirrors ensure that you get a mix of different views in the room. By using one or more mirrors, an empty wall becomes much more lively.
  5. Create a focal point : A space often seems boring because everywhere you look, you see the same thing. You see the same color palette, the same materials, the same textures everywhere. This arouses no interest. A focal point is a central point in the room to which attention is drawn. Just think of a fireplace, a bookcase, a statement piece of furniture or work of art. This focus point guides your eyes in the space and makes it much more interesting.
  6. The impact of lighting: Lighting has a major impact on the experience of an interior. Try to make a variation between spotlights (in the ceiling, reading lamps, etc.), mood lighting (dimmable lighting, table lamps, candles) and accent lighting (to highlight your statement piece, for example).
  7. Add plants: Plants have the power to bring your interior to life. A very large plant can be a statement piece in your interior, while small plants make a subtle difference.

With these seven tips, your boring interior will soon become a much more interesting and cozy place. Play with color, texture, decoration and see what works in your home.
After these tips, do you still find it difficult to find what is missing in your interior? Then take a look here how I can help you with this.
Good luck!

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