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Bereid je interieur voor op het winteruur

Prepare your interior for winter time

Winter is approaching and that means the days are already a lot shorter. Due to the recent transition from summer to winter hours, these shorter days are even more noticeable. While we were able to enjoy an extra hour of sleep, this change also brings some challenges to our daily routine. In this blog we take a closer look at some of these challenges.


1. Avoid prying eyes in the early evenings

When it starts to get dark in the late afternoon, we make it cozy inside with lighting. There are still many people on the track, and unconsciously the eyes of passers-by are drawn to light. We tend to look inside homes we pass by. There is little privacy if you want to spend an evening on the couch with your family. The right window decoration can ensure that you have the necessary privacy, without feeling trapped. It also contributes to the atmosphere, making the evenings even more pleasant. I would be happy to discuss which curtains are best for you to use against prying eyes at your home during an in-home consultation.


2. The winter morning sun in your bedroom

A reverse effect of the transition to winter time is that it gets light earlier in the morning. More light to improve safety in traffic, but also more light in your bedroom. A good night's sleep requires a dark room. Especially if you can sleep a little longer at the weekend or have small children, the incidence of light can put a stop to this. Therefore, also choose suitable window decoration in your bedroom.


3. Leave the cold outside

This is not directly related to the change from summer to winter hours, but the change does mean that we should start preparing for winter. The winter clothes have already been taken from the attic, but when you come home and want to relax (and therefore move less), the cold sometimes creeps through that thick layer of clothing. Turning up the heating has many consequences, especially for our energy bill. An energetic renovation is not for everyone. How do you ensure that it is less cold in your living room? Window decoration can also give you that comfort here. The appropriate window decoration provides an extra insulating layer so that the cold does not simply enter.

As you read, window decoration is the solution to the three above challenges that winter and winter time bring. Do you need new curtains? Then book your home advice here and we will ensure a winter with fewer worries.


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