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Gebruik deze herfstkleuren in jouw interieur.

Use these autumn colors in your interior.

Autumn has arrived, which means it's time to adapt your interior to the season. Just as the leaves on the trees change to warm, earthy tones, our homes can also benefit from a touch of autumn. Color can help enormously to create the desired atmosphere in a room. In this blog you will get an overview of which colors can contribute to an autumn atmosphere, both well-known autumn colors and the trend colors of 2023.


Make a statement with FIERY RED

Fiery red is a powerful color choice for home decor, especially when used as an accent. With its bold and energetic presence, it is a color that can instantly change the mood of any room. It brings warmth and vibrancy to your interior, making it an excellent choice for creating a dynamic atmosphere. Whether used sparingly as an accent or more generously as a dominant color, vibrant red can evoke feelings of passion, energy and a touch of drama, laying the foundation for a space that radiates character and style.

Tip: Balance it with neutral tones like white or gray so as not to overwhelm the space.

Step in with CAMEL

Neutral camel, with its warm and earthy charm, is a color that can effortlessly bring a cozy autumn atmosphere to your interior. The camel color creates a feeling of comfort and grounding, reflecting the earthy tones that characterize the autumn landscape. It is as if the outside world has been brought inside .

This versatile color can complement other autumn shades such as deep orange and rich brown tones, harmonizing the atmosphere in your home.

Ground your space with CHOCOLATE BROWN

Chocolate brown, this trendy autumn color has the remarkable ability to create an autumnal atmosphere that evokes coziness and comfort.

This versatile color seamlessly complements other autumnal shades such as burnt orange, deep red and moss green, making it the ideal choice for creating a cozy, seasonal interior.

Light up your room with BUTTER YELLOW

butteryellowbutter yellow light

Butter yellow, reminiscent of the warm glow of the autumn sun . This autumn color, with its warm and inviting essence, has the remarkable ability to envelop your interior with a soft and cozy glow.

The warm look of this trendy fall color adds a touch of elegance and sophistication while maintaining a sense of comfort, making it a versatile choice.

Experiment with ICE BLUE

Icy blue interior

A slightly more daring choice, but icy blue can be beautifully combined with neutral colors that form the basis of your interior. Add some ice blue elements as an accent color to an ensemble of brown or camel items.



In addition to the above trend colors, there are of course also colors that are always a good choice to adapt your interior to the autumn season:

Accentuate with DEEP BORDEAUX RED

Burgundy is one of those classic fall colors that brings a sense of elegance and warmth to a room. This color is ideal for accents in your interior, such as cushions, curtains or even a statement wall. For a complete look in a neutral living room, you can add burgundy cushions and a matching rug.

Add elements for NATURAL GREEN

Autumn also means the changing of the leaves, and green is a color that puts us in direct contact with nature. Choose darker, earthy shades of green to bring autumn into your interior. The result will be a calm, relaxing atmosphere that reflects the feeling of autumn in your interior. Green is a versatile color with countless shades, but for an autumnal interior design, natural green shades such as olive green, emerald green and deep green are particularly suitable. These shades evoke associations with the rich, earthy colors of the autumn season.

Create coziness with WARM ORANGE

warm orange autumn color

Orange is the ultimate fall color, inspired by the pumpkins and leaves that adorn the landscape. Use warm orange in your interior to create a feeling of coziness and comfort. Creating an orange color palette can give the space an inviting atmosphere. This fall color can be a striking and vibrant color, so it is important to dose. Use warm orange as an accent color to create a powerful visual effect without overwhelming the space. Consider adding an orange painting, an orange vase or other decorative objects to add a touch of energetic warmth to your interior. Using orange in this way can create a balanced and engaging atmosphere without the color becoming too dominant.

Tip: This color is beautiful in combination with brown and green for a harmonious result.

Conjure up warmth with RICH CHESTNUT BROWN

Chestnut brown is a timeless autumn color that evokes a feeling of warmth and comfort. You can choose to add maroon accents, but this color is also suitable for a dominant presence.

Decorate with GOLD AND BRONZE accents

Gold and bronze are perfect accent colors for fall. They add a touch of luxury and elegance to your interior. Consider using gold and bronze lighting fixtures, mirrors, and decorative items to create a warm glow in your space.

Tip: Try to avoid combining gold and bronze. Combining these two metals can result in an overloaded and uncoordinated look. It is advisable to choose either gold or bronze as the dominant metal shade and accentuate it with neutral colors and other materials. This keeps the space balanced and elegant without being overwhelming with too many metal accents.


Good luck immersing your interior in autumn!




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